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Advantages Outdoor Wood Furnaces

  1. Can heat multiple buildings (Shops, Spas, Pools, Greenhouses Domestic Water Heater)
  2. Safety - Risk of fire is outside of home
  3. Works with in floor and forced air heating systems
  4. Cost effective - The savings using an outdoor wood furnace can pay back the cost of the furnace within a few years
  5. No smoke, ashes or wood storage in the house

Advantages of Home Heating with Wood

Burning wood instead of fossil fuels, which many homes currently use, can reduce energy costs dramatically as fossil fuel prices continue to climb and the price of wood stays relatively inexpensive (in some cases free). As fossil fuel prices have risen, a large portion of people have turned away from using them to heat their homes and have turned to alternative energy sources, such as wood and coal. When using a wood furnace, you no longer have to suffer the consequences of increasing fossil fuel prices and can spend your money on you and your family while you live comfortably in your wood-heated home.

Not only do wood furnaces reduce the cost of heating your home, they also reduce the costs of heating your hot water tank and possibly insurance if you currently heat your home with an indoor fireplace. Using an outdoor wood furnace also ensures that there is no smoke, ashes or wood in the house meaning your house is more pleasant to live in and there is less clean up. Storing wood in the house can also bring insects in with it.

Outdoor wood furnaces ensure an even heat throughout the house as they work with most in floor and forced air heating systems. Wood burning uses a renewable, abundant resource and is an environmentally friendly way to heat your home.

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