adding agricultural capacity
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Lee’s plant farm is a 3rd generation family horticultural and farming operation located in central KY creating a future of building soil, nature and families. 

With the development of the 60kw on farm solar demonstration site Lee’s is developing regenerative agriculture solutions to land management, community support and involvement enhancing long-term economic feasibility of solar projects. Lees is expanding opportunity to youth and beginning farmers all while reducing cost and adding 3 times as many permeant jobs to projects. 

LPF offers solutions to dust and noise issues during the build with annual plantings prior to construction. 

LPF works with university of Kentucky and state agency partners developing water quality plans for farmland and forestry management plans maintaining naturel and native appearances.  

Works to develop long term solutions of vegetative control, soil erosion and wildlife benefits with grazing, carbon sequestering, pollinator habitat installations. 

Establishes and maintains native grass lands adds waterfowl wood duck nesting sites increases songbird habitat. 

Reduces decommission concerns by building soil carbon and forest enterprises adding long term value to sites for landowners. 

LPF goals to increase agricultural production of a site to more than the original use incorporates agricultural production of honey, lamb, poultry, horticultural products and small fruit and water harvesting and forestry. 

The wildlife projects include native ground bird production partnering with groups such as Quail forever and the national Audubon society. 

Year-round pollinator habitat incorporates native trees such as tulip poplar and black gum when suited with annual and perennial pollinator plantings improving viewing sheds and masking solar glare.  

For additional communication on how Lee’s plant farms inc can add value to your solar projects contact scotty lee  270-735-3348   

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